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Maryam Booth was born Maryam Ado Muhammed. Nobody could know on that day of October 28, 1993, that the little creature would become a prominent star of her native people. Maryam was born in Kano State, which is located in the Northern part of Nigeria. In her family, most members are involved in the movie industry. Zainab Booth, her mother, is a renowned veteran actress and Ahmed Booth, Maryam’s brother, is an actor, too
.Maryam is single. She has had a romantic relationship with a guy and that romance has lasted for five years. Still, when the couple started speaking about getting married, the guy’s family objected. Maryam was only 18 years old then and it was a hard blow for her to hear that the guy was not going to marry her simply because she was an actress.

Since that time, she hasn’t had visible romantic links to anybody. However, she has spoken about her ideal man and described him as an honest.
But unfortunately 
A Twitter user has released an alleged sex video of Senator Uba Sani on social media. Internet users have unveiled the identity of the unknown lady in the senator’s alleged sex video, they claim it is Maryam Booth
Here is the video below

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