Easiest way to make N5000 weekly with just N500 in Nigeria

Making 5000 in a weeks plus is a very good start.. That is if you are devoted.. 
All you need is a mobile phone, data and social media accounts finish.. 
And you are good to go. 
Before I start I would like to let you know few things about viral trend and how it works 
What is Viraltrend
ViralTrend is a website platform created for advertisers to create ads or social media tasks such as Likes, Video views, Follows, on all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. 

The Advertisers pays viral trend for the tasks which they have created and while we the promoters which is me and you carry out tasks and get paid from the money of what the advertisers pay per task.

Is Viral trend Legit?
there have been no bad report from viral trend yet, although this website platforms tend to change just like the likes of NNU And Rasterly, But from my overall view and research over the years I have been able to acquire positive results. 

Another question now is that 
How do I make money from Viraltrend?
It's very easy with no stress can be done at your comfort 
To make money from viraltrend you have to register as a promoter and complete tasks.. 
Just as mentioned above... Like, comment, Retweet, video views, YouTube subscribe etc

For each task completed you get paid immediately.. There is a particular price attached to all tasks.. So it depends on the one you are performing. 


THE registration process is divided into two, we have the basic plan(N500) and premium plan(N2500) I will advise you to go with the one of 500 at least it's save.. 500 is still a little amount of money. The only difference between the two plan is the amount you get for referral. 
For the Basic plan,, you are been paid a percentage of 30% which is equivalent to N150 for every person you refer to join.. 
While for the For premium plan, you get paid 50% for everyone you refer which is N1250
But if you dont have N2500 now and you wish to start with the basic plan which is N500 no problem you can upgrade later when you have the money. But you can see it's easy the earlier the better 
Now follow the steps below to register
1) Click the link below to register 
2)during your registration choose PROMOTE AND EARN. 
3)You will be asked to verify your emails. Just login to the email be it Gmail or yahoo, you can use any mail. Now click the link sent to you by Viraltrend.
4)After this you will be asked to choose a plan(whether basic or premium). Just choose one you can afford. Then pay with your atm card.
NOTE: You must link only your active social media accounts with Viral trend after registration 

This are the Viraltrend payment proofs
We earlier said that viraltrend pay their users consistently but we are also aware of the fact that anyone could doubt this verdict without seeing an actual proof of the payments that they offered to their users and in this view, here are the payment proof of viral trend

In Conclusion I will say that
Viraltrend is a very reliable way to make money online in Nigeria performing simple and easy tasks just as many other platforms but we advise you to be careful, some of this platforms are best joined when they are still fresh and new.

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