How to change favicon on blogger 2020

Blogger which is a self hosted platform and one of the most which is used for blogging but as beginner there are something's you would love to do but since you don't know how to do it, here i am to help..
Here i will talk about how you can change your favicon image..favicon is little image beside your web address .
Check your browsing history on chrome browser to see what am talking about..
Most of us would love to change the favicon so it can look a bit attractive but unfortunately its no more available on the new blog website so i will teach you how to do it in a simple way...

STEP 1 login
Login into your blogger account but make sure you sign out of every other previously signed in account..

Step 2 get your blogger id
It very easy to get. it's an important part so now click on your URL after login to your blogger blog account. 
Select the blog site of your corner if you want to change other blog blogger favicon. 
Now copy all your URL and paste it on any place. 
at the last number of your URL is your blogger blog id watch this image

You see those numbers that's the blog ID...yours is different from mine
Copy there id somewhere may be your note pad

Step 3  changing blogger favicon
Now you have to input your own code to the link provided below
Copy this URL 
replace this red text your blog id with you blog id.
It will take you there. check the image below
Upload your image make sure its less than 100kb and make sure it's a square ..same pixel both width and height .
Then click save...
Hope its helps dont forget to share...

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