How to check your phone number on MTN , Airtel, Glo,9Mobile

his is Nigeria where by sometimes we 
actually need our phone number to register for something but unfortunately we have forgotten and didn't save on the phone. This leaves us in an awkward situation, especially when you want to give out your number.

The thing is, forgetting your number can land you in a nip of countless inconvenience you wouldn’t want to face.
thou it is normal since we are human we can't remember all things

Just imagine giving out a wrong mobile number to a potential client. The possibility of losing the contract is almost certain.

Even sharp guys on their  game can miserably miss the chance of toasting a girl.

Well, I’ve kept to my word and I can check my number via any Nigerian Network provider off heart.

The good news for you is that without much digging, you will find all the USSD Codes and steps you can follow.

How to Check Airtel Number

for Airtel, simply Dial *121# and follow the instructions to get your number.
most airtel numbers starts with 0701,0902,0812,0708,0802,0907 etc
How to check MTN number

To check your MTN mobile number simply dial *663#
most mtn numbers starts with 0803,0810,0814,0703,0706.
How Check GLO Number

To check your glo mobile number, Dial *248#

Wait for your number to be displayed on the screen. The best part is you can listen to your number in audio.

How Check Number on 9Mobile

Formerly known as Etisalat, 9mobile hasn’t changed the way users can check their number.

Dial 248

Your number will be displayed or sent via text.

Final words
Our work here is to make things easy for you. The fact is checking either your MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, OR AIRTEL doesn’t have to be hard.

its simple and easy you can save this numbers some where just incase  you forget.

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