How to stop all incoming call on andriod devices

At time you feel like not receiving any call you want to keep browsing or to do anything else which requires for the phone to be switched on .instead of turning on Airplane mode which will turn off the network you can try this steps below
Step 1
On your phone click on the dialer logo it wil take you to the phone dialer where you make calls look around for a three dot like option any where which will bring out something like this

Then you click settings , after that you click on the calling account this is referred to as the sim card so you select the sim

In my case i selected the Glo network, in the picture you can see something written as call baring ,you click on that

So you select your choice if its either for incoming or outgoing will request for a password..
The pin is either 1234 or 0000 depending on your network

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