Lady shares her awful experience with her lecturer who threatened to fail her

An anonymous lady who was latter identified as favour took to her Twitter account to share the horrible experience she had with her lecturer who threatened to fail her...
She stated that;
I will never forget the day that a lecturer threatened to fail me if I did not meet him in a school along the school area, I was too afraid so I planned with my twin to put the phone on record. So I took a back up phone just in case I want to receive call so it won't end the recording. I started the record immediately I got to the hotel door.
 The man was like Is not that I want to F. U. C. K you ooo but I just want you to be my baby girl, I love your shape, physique, and everything in all so you need to be taken care of and maybe when you finish school we will marry.. Lol just imagine he was already planning future with me.
 He told me to sit on bed then he drag a Chair for him to sit closer to me, Then he held my hand. All this while he was reducing his dialogue but I don't know why, later he said where is your phone I said it was in my bag sharply he took the bag in the wardrobe and closed it.
 Were like he had done it before.. He started touching my thighs I was putting on denim on denim... So if he wanted to rape him it would give him stress. The idiot that said he was not going to have s.e.x with me said he wanted to see how big my boobs are...that I should undress.. Omo I Don dey shake. I told him I don't want to do it, but the next thing he said was may be when you have extra year you will change your mind... Lmaooooo... I told him I can't do anything unless am drunk.. Ode his prick was already standing and ready to burst out of his trousers... He ordered some smirnoff ice but no one answered the call so he went out of the room to get it himself, omo I went to the wardrobe straight to carry bag.. I already had it in mind that I would fail this semester. He even reminded me on the exam day.. We Sha wrote the exam finish...
 But unfortunately there was a previous riot in the school and some lectures who were part of the ASUU protest got suspended... To God be the glory the mad man was part of them... So it was another lecturer that mark my script.. God intervened I score 68 which was B..
 Lemme Sha thank God

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