So sad!! Cynthia Morgan New look will shock you


The 28years old Popular Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan who have left music scenes for sometime after having a mind blowing contract issue with her music label and worse of all, an illness that had made her to put all her savings on the line. 

 Cynthia who was interviewed on Friday by UPFRONT WITH SANDRA.

And she opened up her heart out to her like she once  did in years back in march to Sydney Shocker on a program called ‘LunchTime Friday’
But Glory be to God 
Davido has reached out to Cynthia Morgan through the popular social media network "Twitter" . 
He stated in a tweet saying : ‘Cynthia Morgan call me ….’
Also added another to his Tweets
Saying ; 
" Tell Cynthia I got an anthem for her …. I’ll record my verse now" 

Thou Sandra has launched a gofundme account have been launched for Cynthia. The target is $150,000.
This are the before and after image of Cynthia Morgan

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